Oct 18: PROSPECT CONNECT Immigration in the Global Perspective

Monday, October 18th


Great Hall, International House UCSD

PROSPECT, UCSD’s Journal of International Affairs will be hosting its bi-annual CONNECT event on Monday, October 18th at the Great Hall in ERC. As is CONNECT tradition, we have invited some of our best student journalists to showcase their work, and a faculty member, to join in this panel on immigration in the global perspective.

Ryan Adames, PROSPECT student correspondent currently studying in Paris will be video-ing in with ph…otos and commentary of the contentious French immigration debate on the Roma, North African immigration and the social disorder as viewed through his lens abroad.

Christian Gutierrez will present a photo essay on Mexican-American immigration, offering perspectives from his daily commute from Tijuana and the issue of immigration from a Mexican perspective.

Professor John Skrentny, new co-director of the Center for Comparative Immigration Studies, will speak to sociology of immigration and complement the student perspectives.

For more information about the event, contact prospectjournal@gmail.com, or see prospectjournal.ucsd.edu
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=137169089663122

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