January 18, 2013

By Tyler Sheets
Staff Writer

This week I set out to understand as much as I could about Africa that didn’t focus on ethnic conflict, famine, or terrorism. Here are some of the articles I enjoyed most:

Arguments for and against the legitimacy of growing African economies

Ganja Growing Grandmas of Swaziland

The stench of an antelope could be key to preventing sleeping sickness and boosting local economies in Kenya.

Two young American lovers set off to Africa in the name of conservation, but ended up making a snuff film. Did they go too far?

Cloud computing wasn’t made with Africa in mind, but it might be more valuable there than anywhere.

Africa’s $10 robot teachers are coming to classrooms across the continent.

Google’s drones battle rhino poachers.

The obstacles to investing in Africa are different and often greater than elsewhere in the world. Here’s a simple guide to how they can be overcome.

Photo by Africa Renewal

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