January 25, 2013

By David Dannecker
Staff Writer

Some interesting news from the week of January 21, 2013:

Harry Reid’s “Baby Baby Step” Compromise on Senate Filibuster Reform Meets Disappointment Among Key Reform Proponents

Ten Suggested Steps the Obama Administration Could Take to Address Climate Change in the Second Term

The Precarious Democracy in Pakistan is Just a Few Months Away from a Major Milestone

US Secretary of State Nominee John Kerry Talks Peace in the Middle East at Senate Confirmation Hearings

A Video Explanation of the Crisis in Mali

Freaky Cat-Borne Parasite Has Strange Effects on Human Behavior

The Costs of Biofuels Impact Food Prices and Availability in Guatemala with accompanying slideshow

Dung Beetles Use Milky Way as Their Navigational Guide

Mining Resources from Asteroids Could Be Just Around the Corner

And, the President was inaugurated for his second term this Monday. Here’s a transcript of the inaugural address.

Photo by Phil Plait

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