February 8, 2013

By Samson Mai
Staff Writer

So much of the major headlines of the last couple of days have focused on drone programs:

John Brennan faced Senate confirmation hearings.

The media has obtained a leaked white paper memo from the Justice Department outlining the Obama administration’s legal justifications and procedures for killing American citizens if they are deemed an “imminent” threat and are top Al Qaeda members. The surprising fact is that Americans do support the drone program up to a certain point according to polls. It shows that warfare is becoming more isolated from the rest of the society, so it is less on the public conscious. The ramifications of this is unknown and could have unforeseen and unintended consequences.

Another negative consequence is over-reliance on the drone program.

In other drone program related news, Iran has released a video from the downed drone it captured about a year ago from the United States.

Wired has released satellite images of an alleged drone base in Saudi Arabia.

Human capital, human intelligence and intelligence on the ground need development along with technology. The over-reliance on technology by the military is reflected in the greater society as well.

Photo by guerric

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