February 15, 2013

By Joe Armenta
Staff Writer

Roses are red, violets are blue, PROSPECT is here to enlighten you… about the past week’s international events.

This former African dictator will be extradited and tried for war crimes after more than 20 years since his reign.

Happy thirty-fourth birthday, Islamic Republic of Iran! How successful has the new regional power been in the past few decades?

North Korea conducts a nuclear test, leading many analysts to speculate its foreign policy ambitions.

Hopslam: Small brewing companies’ fight against big beer.

The Pope’s legacy is assessed after his sudden and unexpected resignation.

President Obama outlines a progressive agenda for his second term in office. One statement that gathered much attention was the idea of raising the national minimum wage. Here’s an article in favor of the issue, and here’s one against it.

The Harlem Shake becomes an Internet sensation.

While quadruple homicide suspect, Christopher Dorner, is assumed to be dead, many questions remain over the LAPD’s response to his rampage.

This 5,000-year-old temple can be added to the collection of awesome ancient remains in the Andean region.

Mexico’s President seeks to combat the War on Drugs by allocating $9.2 billion to be spent on social programs.

Here are some contemporary Valentine’s Day card ideas.

An Irish journalist provides a thought-provoking piece on how rising food prices contribute to a land grab in Africa by foreign companies, highlighting some of the negative effects it is having on local populations.

Syrian rebels down military aircraft.

Obama alludes to the development of a free-trade zone between the E.U. and the U.S.

Go visit San Diego’s new tourist attraction!

Photo by Steven Kirchberg

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