March 15, 2013

By Logan Ma
Staff Writer

New Chinese leader Xi Jinping bucks the stereotype of an aloof Communist Party official. Perhaps his superstar wife has been giving him a few pointers.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s policies suggest a yearning for the Soviet days.

Fareed Zakaria—a surprising supporter of the Keystone pipeline.

Could the country that spawned the deadly hordes of Genghis Khan become East Asia’s newest peacemaker?

Behind skewed media portrayals, a different view of Iran.

The referendum for the future of the disputed Falkland Islands resulted in a convincing endorsement of British rule.

A landmark wildlife conference leads to a historic pact that deters commercial trading of sharks and manta rays.

Nicolás Maduro may be the shoo-in to succeed the late Hugo Chávez, but he will have his hands full once in power.

A fine example of why dictators make terrible urban planners.

Photo by Steve Garner

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