April 5, 2013

By Samson Yuchi-Mai
Staff Writer

For meat lovers, just in time for summer BBQ, the Department of Agriculture and the Industry-Wide Cooperative Meat Identification Standards Committee has approved new labels for cuts of meat.

On another joyous note, Game of Thrones is back! I love the show because it reflects the real world of politics, war, strategy, culture, and yes, sex, and naked bodies. Machiavellian, Hobbesian, and Carrian ideas take prominence. Game of Thrones covers all aspect of society from the noble women resisting and conforming to social norms—to the bannermen
fighting for his lord .

I always find discussions on Charlie Rose insightful. The Tuesday guests were Chris Hill, former U.S. Ambassador to South Korea and Mark Landler of the New York Times. They talked about saber rattling on the Korean Peninsula.

The escalation of words and maneuvers do increase the likelihood of war. Moreover, if some small spark starts the conflict, the fighting could involve nuclear weapons. Keir A. Lieber and Daryl G. Press talks about the strategic moves the United States could take to mitigate this risk. It is a scary situation indeed.

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