April 26, 2013

By Joe Armenta
Senior Editor

This week’s Friday Reading List takes a look at events occurring in Latin America.

This scholar discusses the constitutional nightmare that many Latin American countries experience.

The United States attempts to delegitimize the most recent Venezuelan election.

Teachers storm political offices in the Mexican state of Guerrero to protest potential education reforms proposed by the Peña Nieto administration.

The status of General Jose Efrain Rios Montt of Guatemala for crimes against humanity is in limbo.

A sex offender listed under the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list was captured in Nicaragua, after having successfully evaded arrest for nearly five years.

Argentina’s Economy Minister ducks questions about the country’s out-of-control inflation.

A specter of violence haunts this Colombian city.

Bolivia files a lawsuit against Chile over this nineteenth-century issue.

An interesting paradox exists in Peru whereby the country exhibits a booming drug trade with little violence.

This Brazilian bishop is worth $1.4 billion.

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