May 24, 2013

By Logan Ma and Kirstie Yu
Staff Writers

Pope Francis declares that everyone is redeemed through Jesus, atheists included.

Meet Cui Tiankai, Beijing’s new face in Washington.

China’s most famous dissident artist releases a heavy metal song.

Who knows what the future may hold.

Lakers center and drama boy Dwight Howard is not a sure shot to return next season.

Ever wonder if you are a liberal imperialist? Find out here.

The Putin regime continues its suppression of dissent.

The top five Tumblrs for foreign policy geeks

Pictures of Kurdish PKK fighters withdrawing from Turkey. Fierce.

The words ‘Sweden’ and ‘rioting’ never go together. Until now.

Would you look at that.

At 80, Japanese man becomes the oldest to climb Mt. Everest.

Inspiring teenager Zach Sobiech lost his battle to osteosarcoma this past Monday. Many celebrities covered his YouTube hit “Clouds.”

President Barack Obama will meet Chinese President Xi Jinping in California in June.

The World Health Organization warns that the world is not ready for a major pandemic, an alarming claim since it was found that the H7N9 virus may be transmissible between mammals.

It starts with the youth.

A major step for LGBT rights came this week with the Peace Corps allowing same-sex couples to serve together and the Boy Scouts lifting a ban on openly gay troops.

2013 NBA MVP LeBron James scores a must-see buzzer-beating game-winner in the Miami Heat’s first game of the Eastern Conference Finals series with the Indiana Pacers.

Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski has decided to return as the head coach for Team USA’s men’s basketball team for the 2016 Olympics.

The New York Yankees are partnering with Manchester City to bring a new MLS soccer team to New York City, potentially reviving American soccer and beyond.

The French Open is set to begin this Sunday, but without No. 3 seed Andy Murray (back injury) and No. 7 seed Juan Martin Del Potro (respiratory virus) in the men’s draw.


Photos by Karl Hab, Scott Mecum, Mahatma4711 and Fibonacci Blue.

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