October 25, 2013


By Amy Li
Staff Writer

The news never stops, does it?

Racism in Russia is on the rise as xenophobia-driven riots in Moscow resulted in the arrests of at least 400 people.

The internationally recognized street artist Banksy caused a sensation in New York City after secretly selling his artwork at a pop-up shop for $60 a piece, far below their actual value. He only announced the sale after the stall closed.

Protests in Italy halted the funeral of a Nazi war criminal.

Jellyfish are taking over the seas, an unexpected consequence of human impact. Overfishing and pollution are named as two main sources of the problem.

The U.S. government is back in business after a 16-day shutdown.

In an unprecedented move, Saudi Arabia has rejected its U.N. Security Council seat in protest over frustrations with the U.S. regarding a number of Mideast issues.

A female suicide bomber attacked a Russian bus in Volgograd, raising concerns about safety issues for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Got face masks? Heavy smog forced the emergency shutdown of the northeastern city of Harbin, highlighting the need to improve China’s air quality. Dubbed ‘airpocalypse,’ the heavy air pollution is a major health risk for the Chinese.

A Mississippi toddler remains HIV-free more than two years later, after receiving high doses of antiretroviral drugs after birth.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel called Obama about the alleged U.S. monitoring of her phone.

In tech news, here’s to the end of the era of paid operating systems. Apple has released new OS X Mavericks as a free download.
Photo by Cristeen Quezon

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