FEBRUARY 27, 2014

By Kirstie Yu
Staff Writer

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer garnered bipartisan praise for vetoing a bill on the refusal of service to gays this week.

Subway’s controversial “yoga mat” chemical has now been found in nearly 500 foods.

These stunning satellite images capture how rapidly the world has urbanized.

Check out this preview to gear up for this Sunday’s 86th Academy Awards, hosted by Ellen DeGeneres.

The Sochi Olympics came to a close last Sunday after dazzling performances from the world’s top athletes, but Russian activists fear a backlash from the government for their actions.

Researchers have recently discovered that soccer players can also suffer from brain trauma despite the lack of violent collisions more apparent in football and boxing.

The Captain, Derek Jeter, took to the field on Thursday for the final first Spring Training game of his remarkable career.

Want to win a pair of free San Diego Padres season tickets? All you have to do is hit a home run…with only one swing.

Image by Kirstie Yu

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