April 18, 2014

By Logan Ma

25 years ago, former Chinese Communist Party general secretary Hu Yaobang passed away. The death of the ousted liberal reformer sparked a wave of protests that culminated in the Tiananmen Massacre.

The fate of the Keystone Pipeline remains unclear as the Obama administration once again extended the review period for the controversial project.

Amid sporadic clashes in Eastern Ukraine, diplomats from the United States, Russia, Ukraine and the European Union hammered out an agreement for the disarming of militants and the vacating of seized buildings.

Signs that the aforementioned agreement would translate into action on the ground were not promising.

With 10 percent of the vote counted in 26 of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces, a run-off between Abdullah Abdullah and Ashraf Ghani seems likely in the presidential election that will determine outgoing President Hamid Karzai’s successor.

As the civil war in Syria continues, internal United Nations documents reveal that President Basher Al-Assad’s forces are using starvation as a means to suppress rebels.

Taiwanese celebrities have been unusually tepid in voicing support for protests surrounding a controversial trade deal with the Mainland China.

In a field abound with talent and lacking in opportunities, aspiring foreign policy analysts should take heed of these career tips.

South Korean authorities arrested the captain of the ferry that capsized and sank earlier this week en route to Jeju Island. The death toll currently stands at 28, with 268 people still missing. Most of the passengers were high school students.

Image by Chuck Hagel

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