Ketanji Brown Jackson the First Black Woman Nominated to the Supreme Court

Photo Credit: Ekaterina Bolovtsova

By Audrey Hall
Managing Editor

On February 25th, President Joe Biden announced the formal nomination of Federal Judge, Ketanji Brown Jackson, to the Supreme Court. With her strong resume and diverse legal background, Jackson demonstrates clear capability and fit for the role. 

Ketanji Brown Jackson attended Harvard University for both undergraduate–where she graduated magna cum laude–and Law school. She was recognized during her college years for being an outstanding student and for leading protests against a fellow student who displayed a confederate flag from his dorm room. After graduating, Jackson went on to clerk for the Massachusetts District Court and First Circuit before working in private practice for a short period of time. Jackson then went on to clerk for none other than Justice Stephen Breyer of the Supreme Court.

Breyer’s decision to resign was a relief to Democrats after Republicans’ successful appointment of three justices during President Trump’s tenure. Although the majority of Americans (76%) believe Biden should consider all possible nominees, he is following through on his campaign promise to nominate a woman of color. Jackson was rumored to be the President’s top choice after three Republican senators voted in her favor last year when she was confirmed to the D.C. Circuit by a 53-44 vote. Jackson has years of experience working as a United States District Judge, and served as Vice-Chair and Commissioner on the United States Sentencing Commission, which works to reduce sentencing disparities and promote transparency. As Biden noted, Ketanji Brown Jackson will bring “extraordinary qualifications, deep experience and intellect and a rigorous judicial record to the court.”

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