Our journal analyzes issues and prescribes solutions to problems around the world in a thought provoking manner. Visually-arresting art pieces convey a multitude of perspectives by representing themes that make policies memorable. Travelogues and photo essays allow first-hand exposure to locales that may seem distant, but have a lasting influence on domestic policies. By working with organizations such as The Institute for International, Comparative, and Area Studies (IICAS), UC San Diego’s International Center and Programs Abroad Office, the Center for Peace and Security Studies (cPASS), and coordinating with programs such as the Helen Edison Lecture Series or the Center for Global Justice, we have been able to interview scholars who offer insight and context for international issues.

This is our team. Follow our stories by viewing our journal, adding your comments, and contacting us to add your narrative to our work.


Shawn Rostker, Editor in Chief

A senior at Earl Warren College, and transfer from the Los Angeles area, Shawn is majoring in Political Science with a concentration in International Relations. His passion for global affairs and the intersection of perspectives brought him to join Prospect as a staff writer his junior year, and he is excited and humbled to be able to help steward the organization towards a successful ‘21-’22 year.

Audrey Hall, Managing Editor

Audrey is a senior at Sixth College, majoring in Political Science with a focus on Public Law. Her fondness for editing and writing has brought her to Prospect Journal where she has developed a soft spot for international affairs, particularly international law. She is exhilarated to serve as Managing Editor for Prospect this school year.

Finance Chair

Position currently open.

Andrew Campos, Director of Operations

Andrew is a 3rd year Muir student double majoring in Political Science with a concentration in International Relations, and International Studies with a concentration in History. His keen interest for political history, especially the development of democracies from Athens to the modern day, led him to Prospect’s digital doorstep. Aside from international affairs, Andrew adores Star Wars (as displayed by his Boba Fett sweatshirt). He is absolutely thrilled to serve with Prospect this school year.

Megha Sanjay, Marketing Director

Megha is a 3rd year student at Eleanor Roosevelt College double majoring in International Studies: Business and Speculative Design. Her interests include global communication, writing, and comparative cultural studies—all of which led her to join Prospect. Outside of the organization, she is an Indian Classical dancer and teacher, as well as an avid self-proclaimed international film and television critic. She is delighted to be serving as the Marketing Director this year.


Graduate Fellow Editor

No current graduate fellow editor.


Shawn Rostker
Audrey Hall
Sora Heo
Chloe Vitali
Jeremy Day
Anna Stone
Isana Raja


Merry Jiao
Nicholas Tappin
Yan Graf
Irelan Fletcher
Harshita Chitti Rao Devavarapu
Clarissa Monet Brown
Matthew Risley
Manuel Aguilera-Prieto
Zuleyka Reyes-Cerrillo
Hezekiah Crawford
Joyce Hu
Lilit Arakelyan
Pranav Reddy
Mihir Shenoy
Zerui Pan
Aanvi Jhaveri


Megha Sanjay
Hyejin Song
Anna Stone
Akito Yatsugi
Keishiro Arita
Farrell Tjaja
Shayda Doostdar
Amery Castro
Isabel Cazares Guajardo
Pranav Reddy

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