Turkey at the Centennial – Part II: A Nation at the Crossroads of Continuity and Change

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Photo Credit: sulox32

By Shawn Rostker
Editor in Chief

It is from the rise of the AKP that Turkey’s current president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, ascended to power. Erdogan’s emphasis on the horizontal ties of solidarity that bound together the people of Turkey rather than the vertical ties of obligation that bound society to state helped elevate him to political prominence. During his time as Prime Minister (2003-2014), the AKP pursued an aggressive reform agenda aligned with its contemporary vision. Economic stabilization programs continued, and ties between foreign commercial and private industry were expanded. Steady declines in the rule of law and fiscal health have led to a running five-year decline in overall economic freedom, and Turkey’s economy has consistently ranked near the bottom of regional and global indexes. It has rebounded from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, growing by 11% in the past year. Still, it remains plagued by inefficiencies across its vital sectors and susceptible to long-term effects of the ongoing war in Ukraine.

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The Rise of the Populist Right En France

Photo Credit: Nicolas_svgnt

By Matthew Risley
Contributing Writer

Contemporary French politics have largely been dominated by two main camps: La République En Marche!, currently led by President Emmanuel Macron, and National Rally, currently led by Marine Le Pen. However, a changing landscape has produced a new challenger. Eric Zemmour, a former journalist and right-wing talk show host has shot to political prominence as leader of the novel Reconquête party in recent months, turning in surprisingly impressive numbers in recent polls. His ascension signals the increasing pull of the right in France and is reflective of a larger and more concerning global trend — the growing influence and popularity of right-wing populist movements. 

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Left in Limbo: Migrants Bear the Burden of EU-Belarus Tensions

Photo Credit: Kancelaria Premiera

By Irelan Fletcher
Contributing Writer

Currently settled at the Belarus-Poland border, migrants coming from the Middle East and Asia are awaiting entrance into Poland, while a geopolitical storm erupts around them. Why is this happening? The answer lies in a variety of contributing factors, involving disputes between the European Union (EU) and Belarus that have resulted in the humanitarian crisis faced by migrants at the border today.

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